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作者:Gavin_liu海归招聘 发贴, 来自【海归网】


Customer care technicians take calls from customers and initiate the right response to them, positively and professionally.

Dealing with a wide range of products and using a powerful information database, you'll provide remote solutions to problems, increasing in complexity along with your experience level.

You'll ask questions, probe problems, double-check what has and has not been done, and explain what to do in such a way that non-technical users can understand what action to take.


Completion of Secondary/High School or above
Completion of formal technical training(3+ years)
Professional experience in technical areas
Customer service experience
Product-oriented certificates(e.g.MCSE)
Broad technology knowledge(Operating systems,Hardware)
Proficiency in Office Technology
Willingness to participate in non-standard working-time models(e.g.shift,call

Clear communication skills
Ability to work independently
Confident telephone manner
Fluency in English and Cantonese

Mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
Tel: 0411-82580927-610

作者:Gavin_liu海归招聘 发贴, 来自【海归网】

海归论坛 -> 海归招聘

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